Seriously, Nobody Wants To Host The 2022 Olympics

"There are only two healthy bids: Almaty, Kazakhstan, and Beijing, China. One’s an oil-rich state ruled by a president-for-life, and the other’s, well, China. "

 Ooh. This will be interesting, obviously which ever "wins" will ended up up-ing their level of national athletes (typically)… this poses  a lot of outcome for the future of figure skating…

SKATE CANADA just issued this press release: Patrick Chan plans to return to the competitive figure skating circuit for the 2015-2016 season.

“My goal is to return to a full competitive schedule after this year,” said Chan. “I am proud of my accomplishments in Sochi and my world championship titles, but I do feel that there is still more that I can achieve. I will return to competition having learned new ways of training and preparing from this year off.”

He has been working on a new free program, choreographed by David Wilson to a Chopin medley. Chan will compete at the Japan Open later this week. He is also slated to perform at An Evening with Scott Hamilton & Friends and SKATEMANIA in Quebec City.

Although eligible, he has declined Sport Canada and Own the Podium funding, allowing several other athletes to benefit from the financial assistance.



Mr Jason Brown slayed the field at the Nebelhorn Trophy, everything was so crisp. I loved it. Perfect!

I loved his free programme! His outfit reminded me of Link for the legend of Zelda.

Seriously this kid is….. I’m so glad he skates. And that is how you do a tano-arm!

Gracie Gold:

Now I had been waiting to see Gracie skate. I’m glad she kept her SP. She fell on the first jump but the power she put into it and the height she got was great. It looked like her rotational timing was off, she didn’t seem to be ready to land the jump. She did well to put on her combo on the 2nd jump. The knee stiffness in the landing still gets to me though.

I love the outfit. I’m still not into vocals yet. Although I like the programme.

I’m hoping everything will “crispen” up as the season progresses.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva:

I love the fact she jumps so high. It’s hard to do a Bolero after Carolina owned it over the last few seasons. But she does a good job and it is different. I’m glad to see her performing well again. I love a comeback story.

Interesting costume. Although it’s nice, it seems like it could get in the way. But we’ll see. I love the programme though. I like I wrote above. I LOVE the fact that she jumps so high. I’d like to see her attempt the 3A in competition. She’s done it before…

If she does do it, she’d be the first Russian lady (corrected by x,) since Ludmila Nelidina to do so in comepetition.

hmm what do I think…

He's back: Brown blogs from Nebelhorn Trophy

A great summary of the Nebelhorn Trophy as written by Jason Brown! A notable part was the test event…

"Test event

The Nebelhorn Trophy marks the first time the judges will divide the components, and each will only be responsible for a max of three of the components or a combination of components and Grade of Execution. This test event is for only the men’s and dance event and it will help to determine whether there is a more efficient judging system.”