wholockianworld said: omg i was there when they filmed a bunch of the meryl and charlie off the ice because i live on that lake but we actually see her down there sometimes and its cool because i got to wear the silver medal she got in canada

very cool! I think you might be the second follower who has mention you got to wear their medals! I’m definitely jealous! 

sorry for the late reply!-my ask things haven’t been showing up :(


Meryl Davis and Charlie White at a practice session before the individual short dance event in Sochi. Meryl’s wearing the short dance dress she never wore but should have


Oooh. I’ve never seen this dress before. Mh, I like the design  better than what she did wear for the Olympics (the long sleeve light pink one), but this color doesn’t seem the right mood as the movie.

Let's sum up this crazy off-season so far


Aljona Savchenko decided five World titles and two Olympic bronzes weren’t enough, so she dumped Robin Szolkowy and a life of pro skating dollars for Bruno Massot, a yet-to-be-determined country to rep, and potentially two years of not competing.

Russia’s pairs and dancers went on one of the…

(adding on) Zhang & Bartholomay did split. She is off to the fun of college, and he is now partner searching.  

Good summary! 

Another pair gone: Zhang, Bartholomay split

The Icenetwork article on their split. It’s actually quite short,I was hoping they would bring up something about what their coaches said at their last nationals together-staying together :x