Zhang, Bartholomay throw pitch

Video! You can tell they are still on friendly terms :) 

(For the figure skating world-I wish she didn’t decide to go to college)

The Inside Edge: Even at 56, Dean still an innovator

The nutshell:

-Christopher Dean talks about ice dance choreography, mentions Piper Gilles /Paul Poirier, Yura Min/Tim Koleto.

-Andrew Speroff  heading to Florida with his girlfriend,  Kylie Duarte, skating together on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

-Meanwhile, Gretchan Donlan and Nathan Bartholomay are now training together in Florida, with coach Jim Peterson.

-Flooding damaged the Skating Club of Boston 


2014 Evening on Ice

A lot of footage haha.

The real question is…why is Alissa wearing a Canadian jacket? :O

And haha, the skater who says’s “oh no” at the end X)

Wish we saw more of Rachel Flatt, she was barely in there